Additional Services

We offer a range of additional products and services designed to assist and support your construction needs - to save you time and money. Our range includes:-

Hydraulic Repairs

Once your cylinder has started leaking and losing power it needs to be either replaced or better yet repaired.

There is a whole lot of reasons why a cylinder needs repair, simplest and most common necessary repair is the replacement of the seals. Although a pretty simple operation, it does require at least some mechanical intuition. If you do not feel comfortable getting your hands dirty then it might be better to just let our Hydraulic Repair Department do the dirty work and repair your cylinder right the first time.

Cylinder Seal Replacements

Once a seal begins to wear, it becomes less effective. Sharp edges designed to shear oil off the rod or cylinder barrel become rounded and let more oil pass. When the rod retracts, some oil is scraped off by the dust wiper and you get a slobbering or drippy hydraulic cylinder. Now's the time to replace those rod seals.

Plant Hire


6.5 – 20 KVA Diesel & Petrol Generators.

Diesel powered 240v & 415v outlets, silenced operation, skid or trailer mount available. Silenced portable petrol powered with performance and reliability.

Designed to generate 240v electric power to run a wide range of small power tools or appliances on a camp or building site.


Need a Bobcat, Excavator or Tipper to level your backyard? Maybe excavate to make way for a new pool? We also remove rubbish, recycle and provide a site clearing service. We pride ourselves on our proven track record on performance, reliability and safety.

We ensure all our plant and equipment complies with the State Government's OH&S guidelines and policies. We provide all log book servicing information and Safe Work Method Statements before any works are carried out to minimise risk to other trades as well as conserving the environment.

4-in-1 Bucket with teeth
Auger available in various sizes


3, 8, 12, and 20 Tonne available.

We offer a range of Excavators available for Wet hire as well as long term or short term. A range of buckets are available for the Excavators and Rock Breakers to suit your needs. If you require transport for the Excavator you are hiring, we can easily accommodate that as well, don't hesitate to ask us for a quote. Licensed operators are also available if required.

Plate Compactors – Small

Petrol powered, flat base, vibratory compactor for pavement and landscape applications. Used to compact sand, soil or screenings. Fast, efficient and easy to operate.

Trash Pumps (75mm / 3")

A portable yet powerful, petrol powered pump, ideal for high transfer of dirty water from places such as dams, creeks & even bilge water from large boats. Handles dirty water and some solids.


Our trailer is hot dipped galvanized and fitted standard with NARVA led trailer lamps. We can also access all of the mechanical components including the axles, suspension components, ramp springs, couplings etc. fitted to the trailer.

We service the Sydney Metro Area and are happy to provide you a quote for any job. Please contact Jeff on 0409 393 542 for a quote.




Plate Compactors - Small

Trash Pumps


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